Outdoors puzzle time … can you find the hidden bird species?

•May 3, 2014 • Leave a Comment


Because we can’t always be in the outdoors — as sad as that truly is — it doesn’t mean that our “indoor” time can’t still have an outdoors flavor. Continue reading ‘Outdoors puzzle time … can you find the hidden bird species?’

Campfire cuisine: Yes, you can cook pierogies over a campfire!

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At the mention of cooking over a campfire, thoughts of hot dogs and Smores can go dancing through one’s head.

But there can be much more to outdoors cuisine than whittled sticks and flaming marshmallows. So nearly a year ago, my family and I decided to experiment. Our goal was to show that a campfire doesn’t limit what you can cook — it may even enhance your favorite dishes if used correctly. Continue reading ‘Campfire cuisine: Yes, you can cook pierogies over a campfire!’

Underwater perspective of a Central Pa. trout stocking

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Taken by The Daily Item photographers, this video shows what goes on under the water during a trout stocking in the south branch of Roaring Creek near Elysburg.

More evidence that “hunting” season never ends

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A pug, a poodle and a beagle may seem like an unlikely hunting party, but hunt they did along with 57 other dogs at the Warrior Run Pet Care Center’s annual Easter Bone Hunt near Watsontown, Pa.

How to fillet a trout

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I’ve always wanted to learn a sure-fire way to fillet a trout and eliminate as much of a chance of bones sneaking into the tasty trout meal. This procedure seems pretty slick … looking forward to trying it out soon.

Ballad of the Blotch-Belly Basses

•April 12, 2014 • 1 Comment


Now, the Blotch-Belly Basses
Had bellies with blotches,
Which made the plain-belly fishes
Really obnoxious. Continue reading ‘Ballad of the Blotch-Belly Basses’

Thrilled to grill with our family’s newest addition

•March 29, 2014 • Leave a Comment


More than 14 years ago, I met the amazing woman who would become my wife at a Chinese restaurant in Lewisburg. After we chatted over chicken and broccoli and finished with fortune cookies, I introduced her to my imaginary internal book of rules.

Among them — one can not read his/her fortune until completely done eating. It just isn’t right. Failure to follow the rule voids out any cool fortune you may get. Continue reading ‘Thrilled to grill with our family’s newest addition’


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