The turkey hunt

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Have the late-winter doldrums? Dreaming of spring gobbler season? This video should brighten your day!

Snowmen offer outdoors opportunity for kids, parents

•February 16, 2014 • 1 Comment


Forget the dwindling deer herd debate. Ignore the blotchy bass brouhaha.

There’s an outdoors-related issue more alarming than fracking, poaching and habitat loss combined. Continue reading ‘Snowmen offer outdoors opportunity for kids, parents’

PGC: Bald eagle removed from the threatened species list

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The bald eagle has officially been removed from Pennsylvania’s threatened species list.

The Board of Game Commissioners on Tuesday voted unanimously reclassify the bald eagle as a Pennsylvania “protected” species. Continue reading ‘PGC: Bald eagle removed from the threatened species list’

Pennsylvania to receive wild pheasants from Montana

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PGC Press Release

It’s been three years since Pennsylvania has placed wild pheasants into any of the state’s four Wild Pheasant Recovery Areas, which aim to restore to the state self-sustaining populations ring-necked pheasants. Continue reading ‘Pennsylvania to receive wild pheasants from Montana’

2013 Pa. bear harvest ranks 5th all time

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Pennsylvania hunters harvested a total of 3,510 bears in 2013, the fifth-highest tally in state history, the Pennsylvania Game Commission reported today.

The final total continues a trend of recent bear seasons taking their place in the record books. With harvest totals for 2013 now official, three of the five highest harvests have occurred in the past three years. Continue reading ’2013 Pa. bear harvest ranks 5th all time’

Pa. fishing license buttons unveiled … vote for color

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The Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission (PFBC) is encouraging anglers to vote online for their favorite color for a new series of fishing license buttons, which will be available beginning in March. Continue reading ‘Pa. fishing license buttons unveiled … vote for color’

Mystery murderer tells humbling hunting story

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The crime scene was gruesome.

Blood and body parts were scattered throughout the yard. A leg was found laying under a small shrub, meat cleanly ripped off the bone. Continue reading ‘Mystery murderer tells humbling hunting story’


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