PGC’s online hunter safety course is a misfire

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They say desperate times call for desperate measures — let’s just hope the Pennsylvania Game Commission’s most recent desperate move doesn’t backfire in catastrophic fashion.

I see the reasoning behind the agency’s decision to offer a completely online hunter safety course. License sales continue to dwindle and young people hold the key to hunting’s future. Families are increasingly busy — pin-balling their way through youth sports events, social activities and a plethora of other extracurricular obligations. Continue reading ‘PGC’s online hunter safety course is a misfire’

Should schools be required to address gun safety?

•February 15, 2015 • 1 Comment


What would you do?
Walking down the street in one of our small Valley towns, you come across a handgun laying on the sidewalk. You don’t have a cell phone on you, and no one is out and about except for several children a block away. Continue reading ‘Should schools be required to address gun safety?’

Spreading sledding: In search of a few good hills

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The only thing steeper than the slope was my 8-year-old daughter’s anxiety as she gripped her purple plastic toboggan and took a deep breath.
We had decided go sledding on the family farm near McEwensville after a recent snow storm, but that excitement quickly morphed into apprehension with each step toward the top of the hill.
She looked at me with wide eyes while sitting in her sled. Continue reading ‘Spreading sledding: In search of a few good hills’

Catching the flintlock fever and some tips for success

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There’s just something fulfilling in a primal sort of way about splitting firewood by hand, processing game after a successful hunt … and hunting deer with a flintlock muzzleloader.
In these sort of firearms, pulling the trigger causes an external piece of flint to strike a metal plate (called the frizzen.) This creates sparks, which then ignite highly combustible gunpowder in a small flash pan. This all happens outside of the gun barrel, meaning the process can be affected by outside sources such as the weather, wind and nerves. Continue reading ‘Catching the flintlock fever and some tips for success’

Deer season primer: Four Central Pennsylvania public hunting hotspots

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Less than two weeks and counting until one of our region’s biggest annual outdoor rites of passage: rifle deer season.
Are you ready? Have you sighted in the trusty 30-06? Is the fluorescent orange jacket out of mothballs? Have you stocked up on ammo, hand warmers and mini Snickers bars? Continue reading ‘Deer season primer: Four Central Pennsylvania public hunting hotspots’

Doe-day deadline is fast approaching

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Let’s start at the very beginning — a very good place to start.

Nevermind that people are still hanging out at their favorite summer camping sites, relaxing poolside or casting a line for a largemouth or two. Continue reading ‘Doe-day deadline is fast approaching’

Searching for stashes in countryside caches

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An unseasonably chilly breeze greeted four eager treasure hunters on the banks of the Montour Preserve’s Lake Chillisquaque one Saturday morning a few weeks ago.

But this was no ordinary treasure hunt. Continue reading ‘Searching for stashes in countryside caches’