Shots from the Hip: One week to summer camping

The birds are chirping, the sun is shining and my electric drill is buzzing away.

Must be another springtime project at la casa de Zaktansky.

We’re coming down the crunch time in terms of camping. One week from today, we hope to have our new/old/used camper on its maiden voyage at Willow Lake Wesleyan Camp … more formerly known at the Central Pennsylvania Wesleyan Camp and Conference Center.

But there is so much to do. The roof still needs sealed — heavy rain showed us Monday that there are more leaks in our camper than there were during Watergate. We’re totally remodeling the bathroom, repainting both the interior and exterior and eventually laying new flooring.

And I nearly had a small stroke while at a local RV dealer when pricing things early this morning. The catalog we received was a great resource, but when I saw that a new door for a camper costs more than we paid for this entire camper, I sort of lost my breath for a little.

Still, we’re going to chip away at this thing one step at a time, with one eye on the calendar as Memorial Day, and the official start of summer camping season, quickly approaches!


~ by zaktansky on May 19, 2012.

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