Shots from the Hip: More Father’s Day gift ideas

On Monday, I shared my ultimate idea for the perfect Father’s Day gift. And I received good response from those who agreed with my affection for the Leatherman utility tool. Except it seems many dads already have one hanging from their belts.

So what other Father’s Day gifts work for the outdoorsman who needs something practical, yet fun?

Two other super useful gifts include a headlamp and deer/trail cameras.

I received my headlamp for Christmas this past year and have been really happy. From bringing in a load of wood to feed the stove during the winter months, to checking on the various outdoor animals during the night, the headlamp, which is basically a light that straps onto the head, has been a real treat. It frees up my hands to be doing work and extends the amount of time I can be getting things done.

And, there is no better tool for when you need to snag some late-night night crawlers for fishing the next day.

The trail camera is also a cool gift, even if you don’t live in the country. The technology is advanced enough to really make decent picture taking easy, and it is very cool to see what is prowling around your property at night. I used to put mine near the family bird feeder in the winter and got some really neat bird and squirrel pictures.

I’ve also been able to track deer and turkey in the backyard. Hoping someday to get a bear or two on it.

What other cool outdoor Father’s Day gifts do you suggest for the avid outdoorsman?


~ by zaktansky on May 25, 2012.

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