Shots from the Hip: The perfect Father’s Day gift

With tools laying almost everywhere, I still couldn’t find something to cut through some paneling the other day while trying to remodel our new/used camper. Of course, when you have the perfect outdoorsman’s gift attached to your belt, a problem like this is no problem at all.

I opened the leather case and pulled out the trusty Leatherman Wave. Within seconds, the saw blade attachment was cutting through the paneling like a hot knife through melted butter.

Shortly after that I was working on some plumbing issues while removing an old tub. A strap I was using fell into a hard-to-reach place. Again, Leatherman to the rescue. The needle-nosed pliers snatched the strap and I continued on with my project.

Countless times, Leatherman has been there to rescue me. Cutting wire while patching up our new/used chicken pen? No problem. Loosening brackets on the truck cap before removing it? Check. Cutting through old caulking or removing the child-proof packaging from my daughter’s birthday presents? Leatherman is there to lend a hand, blade, scissors, screwdriver, pliers or so much more.

Father’s Day will be here before you know it, and everyone wonders to get dear old dad every year. One person can only handle so many ties — and I have yet to see a necktie that can help you adjust your rifle sights one minute, and process the deer you successfully harvest the next.

My wife has bought me many cool and practical gifts over the years, but the Leatherman has been the best yet. There are many knockoffs out there that you can purchase at a cheaper rate, but none match the durability and usefulness of the name-brand Leatherman.

If dad doesn’t have one — Father’s Day is the perfect time to surprise him with one!


~ by zaktansky on May 25, 2012.

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