Reflections from the Icebreaker Outdoors Expo via the perspective of an 8-year-old


The following story was written by my 8-year-old daughter, Paige, after she and I attended the local Icebreaker Outdoors Expo earlier today. It is running in tomorrow’s Daily Item as the start of a new Youth Outdoor Writing Program where we will run youth-written outdoors-based stories between now and June 15. After the 15th, a winner in each grade between first and 12th will be selected by our outdoors staff.

My dad and I went to the (Icebreaker) outdoors show (in Milton). We go every year and it is a lot of fun.
The first thing we did was sign up for prizes. Then we saw a puppet show that was new this year. I got to see it with my cousins. I like seeing so many people I know at the show.
My favorite thing to do is go fishing. I caught a trout. I helped put it back in the pond.
Every year I make a bird house. This year, the bird houses were different than before. I hammered in a lot of nails. I want to paint my bird house blue.
I got to shoot a bow and a toy gun. It was fun. I also got my face painted to look like a butterfly.
They always have a lot of good food at the show. I had a hotdog and some french fries and a piece of blueberry pie. I also drank a blue slushie.
Thank you to all the people who work hard to make the show so cool. I really like going every year.


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