The tale of a chicken, a camera and a coon


One of our chickens died the other day. It was disappointing … only days before we planned to take it to the butcher. Since we live in the middle of the woods, there are ample places to throw a dead chicken and “return it to nature.” There are plenty of predator animals that love a good chicken dinner, too, and to make lemonade out of this particular lemon, I strapped up the trail camera to see what critters would visit.This is the time of year when bears are out and about after a long winter of hibernation. That also means they are terribly hungry and looking for easy meals. You should never, ever purposely bait in any animal, especially a bear. In this case, I was going to throw the chicken out in the woods regardless, and it isn’t a regular affair. Adding the camera doesn’t hurt … and helps satisfy my curiosity.

Well, days later and the chicken carcass is still there. Weird because typically those sort of things disappear pretty quickly. Maybe the animals were a little camera shy?

This morning, I checked the camera anyway and found 37 new images. Most of them, as usual with a deer camera that catches any motion, recorded a blowing leave or moving branch. The few that did capture animals mostly showed a stray orange tabby cat checking out the scene and then dining on the chicken. Not what I was hoping for.

Finally, in the last couple frames, there was some wild animal action. A curious raccoon visits the scene and sticks around for a few images. The camera is not positioned just right … the coon is cut off at the bottom. I’ll be tweaking how I place the camera when putting it back out.

Overall, it is always cool to see what is out and about when no one is “looking.” When it comes to outdoors related gifts, few things drawf a digital trail camera … for those of us who crave the outdoors, the camera helps extend the time we can enjoy everything going on outside, even while we are snuggled tightly in bed catching some Zzzzz’s.


~ by zaktansky on April 15, 2013.

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