Young anglers get a lesson in worm wrangling


Saturday was a fine day for fishing.

Picture-perfect weather, three young anglers and a pond full of hungry bluegills — all that was missing were a few juicy earthworms.

And so our short fishing excursion at camp was preceded by a hunting trip. We searched under rocks, through old leaf piles and around rotting logs.

One-by-one I lost my hunting party to more interesting activities — such as bike riding around the campground and playing in the small creek that winds around the back of our site.

Finally, the stars aligned and the excursion to the campground’s small lake was on track. A few casts later, the bluegills were being pulled onto the shore faster than a Weis cashier can ring up a few cans of creamed corn.

When the worms were all gone, the hunt for bait was back on … and this time I had some help turning stones, rolling logs and raking back leaves.

It wasn’t long until we had another dozen worms and three red-and-white round plastic bobbers were flying through the air again.

The overall experience was a lesson in work and payoff — without the work you don’t get the reward. However, without a reminder of what you’re working for, it can be easy to be led astray.

My three little anglers became quite the worm wranglers Saturday afternoon.

Yes, it was a fine day for fishing.

~ by zaktansky on April 29, 2013.

One Response to “Young anglers get a lesson in worm wrangling”

  1. Great post! Few days better than when you can get children on the water when the fish are biting! Digging worms was always our first step before going fishing when I was growing up. Sometimes I miss doing that as much as I miss fishing with my grandpa.

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