Neat day trip for the family: Linn Run natural waterslide


Water slides and hot summer days go together like Smith & Wesson.

During a recent five-day children’s camp near Johnstown, Pennsylvania, the staff took the campers to a small local state park to check out waterslides as they were originally meant to be experienced — all naturally.

Near the tiny town of Rector, PA, is the 612-acre Linn Run State Park. Linn Run is an excellent trout stream, according to the DCNR website, and a scenic waterfall excursion to Adams Falls can be found at this park.

But our visit was to Flat Rock, aptly named since it is flat rock where the cold mountain-fed Linn Run cascades down making a current-driven waterslide that has to be seen in person to be fully experienced.

I took a short video while going down the waterslide (have I mentioned yet on my blog just how much I love our waterproof camera?), and you can check it out here:

Again, this video does not do the waterslide justice. While not a long stretch of waterslide, it is extremely neat to experience while surrounded by the natural beauty of the forested region all around it.

Some words of advice, though, the rocks are much more slippery than you might imagine. From the experiences of our young campers, those in official water shoes seemed to have the best traction. Those in bare feet were instructed to crawl up the side of the rock bank and it made things much safer.

Also, those who want to experience the natural waterslide should be careful when getting into it. We had several injuries, including one slight concussion, when people weren’t careful getting into the creek at the start of the waterslide.

It is also advised that the first trip down the waterslide should be sitting down … the friction of swimtrunks on the rocks slows down the experience but it gives a good first-run. Our campers learned that going down on their knees or bellies provided more speed when they got more comfortable with the slide.

Linn Run State Park offers a great picnicking area, too, so you and your family or friends can make a day out of the trip. If you get out that way, let me know how Adams Falls are. I’m not sure when our family will get back out that way.

~ by zaktansky on July 1, 2013.

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