Refresher on cleaning a flintlock muzzleloader

Here in Pennsylvania, the late season flintlock muzzleloader season is less than a week away. That means it is a good time to get your supplies around and take a few practice shots before heading out after a few whitetails.

Cleaning a flintlock is critical and should be done regularly to preserve it for the long haul. While this video isn’t super-involved, it is a nice, quick refresher.

~ by zaktansky on December 21, 2013.

One Response to “Refresher on cleaning a flintlock muzzleloader”

  1. Very timely article, our season started the 21srt and runs through the 31st and this year I decided to learn a little more about good Muzzle loader technics for good repeatable groups and the cleaning Jag after every shot definately did the trick. I used the “lick one side of the patch and send it down the muzlle one time and then flip it to the dry side and send it down. My groups really tightened up and I zero my scope out 75 yards instead of 50ty. The flint locks really look good but I already own the side hammer muzzle loader and an inline bolt action one. I am looking to get a smokeless one for my muzzle loading season hunting rifle; because Missouri allows it and it will be for the trophy deer. I really enjoy just shootng the others and if I ever see a used flint lock like the one in the video (economical) I will add one too; I don’t know about the clothes though. I am planning on starting a new sport here wher I live and I’m sure I will be the only participant, at least for awhile. I bought a new high powered rifle in .308 at 6.5 pounds and I am going to set targets ups at various unknown yardages along the gravel roads I run every other night on. I can strap the rifle on my shoulder and cross strap it across my chest through the grip. As I run around the loops I can stop and shoot (well off of the road) and give myself only about 10-15 seconds to get my heart rate down. Then run up to the target and mark it and go again. this only works in the area I run in because of the terrain. It should make the miles go by more interesting. Thanks for the Video; keep them up! Joe

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