Superpowers not necessary to become a successful shooter

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I could never handle the turns at Daytona at 200 miles per hour. Or even hope to make contact on a Stephen Strasburg fastball. Thread a football perfectly into a running receiver’s hands 70 yards away as well as Peyton Manning? Not in my wildest dreams!

But I can break a clay target at the Pennsylvania State Trapshoot. Continue reading ‘Superpowers not necessary to become a successful shooter’


WWII veteran gets in on the action at state trapshoot

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During a recent interview with 90-year-old Jack Plotts, of Milton, at the Pennsylvania State Trapshoot, the World War II veteran gestured to his disfigured right hand — the result of a grenade attack during the D-Day invasion more than seven decades ago.

“This made it hard to get a job when I got back from the war,” he said. “But Uncle Sam took care of us. He made sure we got work.”

But put a shotgun in those combat-altered hands and they come to life. They dust target after target in rapid succession. Continue reading ‘WWII veteran gets in on the action at state trapshoot’

1.5 million reasons to visit the 2014 Pennsylvania state trapshoot

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While Memorial Day may be the unofficial start of summer, it doesn’t kick the season off with as big a bang as the annual Pennsylvania State Trapshoot.
Make that 1.5 million bangs — as in the estimated 1.5 million shots that will be fired at clay targets during the week-long rite of summer passage held at Elysburg’s Valley Gun Club.

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Outdoors puzzle time … can you find the hidden bird species?

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Because we can’t always be in the outdoors — as sad as that truly is — it doesn’t mean that our “indoor” time can’t still have an outdoors flavor. Continue reading ‘Outdoors puzzle time … can you find the hidden bird species?’

Campfire cuisine: Yes, you can cook pierogies over a campfire!

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At the mention of cooking over a campfire, thoughts of hot dogs and Smores can go dancing through one’s head.

But there can be much more to outdoors cuisine than whittled sticks and flaming marshmallows. So nearly a year ago, my family and I decided to experiment. Our goal was to show that a campfire doesn’t limit what you can cook — it may even enhance your favorite dishes if used correctly. Continue reading ‘Campfire cuisine: Yes, you can cook pierogies over a campfire!’

Underwater perspective of a Central Pa. trout stocking

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Taken by The Daily Item photographers, this video shows what goes on under the water during a trout stocking in the south branch of Roaring Creek near Elysburg.

More evidence that “hunting” season never ends

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A pug, a poodle and a beagle may seem like an unlikely hunting party, but hunt they did along with 57 other dogs at the Warrior Run Pet Care Center’s annual Easter Bone Hunt near Watsontown, Pa.